4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Krav Maga for Self Defense

Are you planning to enroll in the best Self Defence classes for women? If we are talking about self-defense class or technique, there will be many options you can find. However, for the best self-defense class for women, we only recommend Krav Maga for you. Why must Krav Maga? What makes it different and is suitable for women?

Practical Technique

One of the reasons is its practical concept. Unlike other self-defense techniques or martial arts, Krav Maga focuses on how to deal with the real-world situation. You will learn about the effective strike to the attacker. More importantly, Krav Maga also includes all kinds of strikes to human most vulnerable areas, which are mostly forbidden in most martial arts, fighting sports, and even some self-defense schools.

In short, the technique in Krav Maga is surely giving you advantages and solutions to get out of the predicament. Thus, you can escape and avoid more dangerous results from that situation. That helps you a lot in the real event than using the technique that only works theoretically.

Mental Training and Mindset Building for Self-Protection

One of the best things that Krav Maga can offer to women is the way to train your mindset and knowledge. It is not only about the physical technique you can use when you got attacked by someone. But, you also learn about situational awareness. That means you are aware of your surrounding more and decide to avoid the dangerous situation firsthand. That way, you don’t have to face the problem.

Some of the training in this part is the habit to scan the areas that you are going to enter and around you. Krav Maga also teaches you about who is accompanying you. You know how to choose trusted people to go with you. Plus, it also emphasizes your intuition. Whenever you feel something off, you can react and avoid that situation.

Simple yet Effective

Because Krav Maga focuses on practical systems, it is easy to learn its techniques. However, each of those delivers the best result that you will need during the crisis. Best of all, you don’t have to use some complicated and fancy moves to do that. Therefore, you can easily remember and master it in no time. You can even make it parts of your instinct and reaction with a bit of practice.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Women have a smaller build compared to men. Therefore, when men attack women, mostly, women will be in a disadvantaged situation. Krav Maga eliminates that difference. Its technique focuses on the weakness and emphasizes your strength. Thus, you have nothing to worry about in that situation. You can use your advantages to get out of a frightening situation.


Krav Maga was created for military self-defense to face their opponent. However, today, it turns into one of the most popular self-defense techniques for women. Therefore, choose Krav Maga when you need the best Self Defence classes for women. Moreover, you also can use it as an exercise to lose weight.

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