The world’s most luxurious and expensive limousine

The limousine was invented in 1902 and it had two main compartments, one was for driver which was open while the second one was covered rear and was designated for the customers. As it started after a long duration of carriages and some other cars initially, it was the biggest invention of the time and was mostly used by the elite for their luxurious travels. The stretch limousine was first introduced in 1928 and it was mainly designed to transport large musical groups and their leaders. Even now, the limousine is the example of expensive, luxurious and elite ground transportation. Since government officials worldwide use them so they symbolize anything from pure consumption to great power. Limousine also symbolize special occasions, like funerals, marriages, prom nights or date nights. The limo providers like Oakville Limousine rentals provide the best fleet for your special occasion.

Searching for the world’s most expensive limousine about a list of vehicles is not that difficult, infect its quite simple. You will have to make one basic choice, either you would pay for the original limousine and pay the complete price or you prefer the base cars and then send them to customizers to convert them to stretch limousine as per your aesthetics and choice. But when you are in Boise, you can take a look at the car lots Nampa ID and find out what they have to offer for your special trip. There are luxury and fancy cars that you would love to ride and to take your loved ones in it as well. We will discuss the cars made by the brands by themselves.

Cadillac XTS Limousine

The entry level price is about 48 to 50k, essentially this is an expansion of sedan with the full features of a stretch model including three doors on either side of the car. This car was introduced in 2012 and they are manufactured either in Shanghai or Ontario and they feature all-wheel drive as well as a six cylinder engine. The non-stretch variant includes some luxury additions as suede head liner on the inside of the roof, illuminated door handles, rear center console and on board navigation. Both the stretch and non-stretch versions offer few same features like surround sound system, ambient lighting, rear seat climate controls and heated seats.

Lincoln MKS Limousine

The entry level price is 50k plus and it is built by the Ford motor company in Chicago and this car is a stretch limo of the MKS four door sedan. The full stretched MKS Limousine does not feature the extra door on either side, but the car have a feature in which you can choose between front and all wheel drive. This limousine was introduced in 2013 after its successor Lincoln Town car limousines which were the most commonly used chauffeured limousines in the United States and Canada for more or less three decades.

Mercedes Benz S Class

It has the basic entry level price of 150k plus and this stretch variant features three doors per side. It also features 12 cylinder engine and is one of the class limousines which has reviewed and award from key automotive publishers and reviewers such as car and driver and motor trend.


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