How to Safely Choose A Reliable Auto Shipper

Shipping an automobile can be a seamless process if handled the right way. Cavalier consumers who go with the first company they find are either very lucky or learn a costly lesson. In order to ensure the best service, best protection for your vehicle, and best piece of mind it is necessary to use discretion in choosing an auto shipper. This can be done quite easily by follow a series of steps that effectively separate the wheat from the chaff. The first of these focuses on preparation.

Detailing Your Car

A before and after inspection is only successful if you actually inspect your car beforehand. Any reliable business will instigate a before inspection on their own but doing one yourself is also important. Take note of any blemishes, minor damage, catalog what is in the interior, and log the function of your engine. Any tiny difference in your vehicle when delivered can be related to the company if it not present before. You do not want to be left holding the bag on expensive car repairs, especially if the transport company is at fault. So, keep documentation on the state of your car that you can compare upon arrival.


Naturally, a good first step in dealing with any kind of contractor is vetting the service. This saves you from dealing with unscrupulous companies and gets you in contact with reliable service. The first place to look is always close to home. So, if any friends or family have shipped a vehicle find out who they used. If they liked them they will recommend. Next place to look is online. Good companies will have plenty of sources bragging about them. Bad companies will have irate consumers complaining, or no real information at all. Websites like the BBB also offer ratings for said companies. Never go with a service you know nothing about.


Shipping a vehicle is a more than moderate process. The company you are dealing with has to have proper licensing to operate, as well as function insurance. So never use a service until you see its credentials. Any lack in proper paperwork will leave you liable so always ask to see their credentials. This is especially important of insurance. Insurance provides you restitution should your vehicle be damaged. As accidents can happen to anybody, reliable services will be willing to cover damages with a functional policy.


The final portion revolves around pricing. It is smart to have at least three companies you are interested in quote you on the job. This can help you save some money. It can also serve as a final part of the vetting process. If a company is charging way more than competitors, you will see that. If a company is charging less than competitors, you will also see that. This does not mean you have found your choice. Never go with a service because it is the cheapest. Find out why the service is so cheap first.

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