How to Easily Get Your Products to the Market

Presently, farmers and clients that are interested in getting their items from one location to another have found the process easier because of the transport for hire that is being offered by various transport companies. After farmers have harvested their products, it’s their desire that the produce reaches the market as soon as possible.

Transport firm’s like redline logistics has been at the forefront assisting these type of professionals to get their processors and agricultural food products transported to the market. However, there are some issues that affect the distribution of logistics.

Today, more producers have decided to get close to the consumer so that they can quickly and directly sell their products to the grocery vendors, retailers restaurants and supermarkets. This strategy is a very efficient approach; however, it also brews up very many challenges.

One of the most critical challenges facing professionals like farmers is the most economical and reliable means of transport to easily meet their market needs. The cost incurred in transport is directly represented by the significant portion of the price that is labeled on the food product.

The distribution chain is quite complex, but the following breakdowns will assist you to grasp information that will assist you to easily navigate.

1. Understand the kind of transport that is available next to you.
2. Consider the reliable means of transport that will readily transport your produce while it’s still fresh.
3. Grasp the means of transports that meets all the regulations set by the food safety officials.
4. Know how to negotiate for ship rates. This can be challenging but you should brace yourself for the challenge.
5. Know how to work and find local and regional carriers.
6. Know everything that is involved with ‘do it yourself’ transport.
7. Have a good and cordial co-operation with other producers and processors. Know how to deal with food brokers and co-packers.

There are different types of transport organizations. Most of all the transport companies are always ready to work with processors and producers. However, each and every type of transport has its own benefits.

1. Vast transport organizations

Basically, these types of transport have larger trucks. Whenever they are traveling, they require full trailer loads. They can’t leave when the trailer is half full. As a producer, you should major in producing in large volume. This type of transport mostly transports products outside the country or province.

This form of transport doesn’t load up the products, what they only do is to haul the produce. The vehicles used in this type of transport is unique. They can haul goods that require different rates of temperatures in the same vehicle.

2. Medium sized organizations

This type has a mixer of vehicles. They often operate within provinces. They have the flexibility of breaking goods into smaller trucks like vans. Just like larger transport companies, even these ones have trucks that have temperature controlled facilities.

At times, they can have drop off centers for storing and collecting products. This type of transport has an extensive network of customers in all the areas they access.

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