5 Ultimate Buying Guides To Get Stylish and Functional Truck Toppers

Installing a truck cap is more than just protecting the goods you bring at the back. This product can also make your truck more appealing than before. Nowadays, there are a lot of truck toppers in the market, including Leer truck caps. Don’t get confused with that. Follow the tips below to get your best truck caps that fill the truck’s aesthetic and protection needs.


Ensure that you get a cap that fits with the size of the truck otherwise, you can’t install it at all. It deals with the truck bed size, the presence or absence of a bed liner, and others. That’s why dealers often ask about the type of your truck before showing the list of the truck toppers or caps they have. Measure the size from the bulkhead to the inside of the tailgate to get the fit truck cover.


Truck toppers come in a variety of materials. You have to find a durable product that is strong enough in any condition. It is a crucial consideration if you want to cover the items from the sunlight or other conditions and protect them from theft. Some products are often made of resilient fiberglass or non-corrosive aluminum. Other truck caps are made of vinyl or plastic.


Indeed, you have to make sure that the truck is stylish after you put a cover on it. You can find caps that are the same height as the truck. Some others are slightly taller. Ensure that the cover doesn’t reduce the function of the bed truck. Let’s say you can install a truck topper with a roof rack. This model is suitable if you have to add more goods. So, there will be no leftover goods only because you install a truck cover at the back. Some models are also fitted with the design of the truck. These models make your truck look like a car.


Pick a truck topper that is easy to install. It works well when you have to install the cover right away. An easy-to-install truck cover means that you can do the installation process between 30 to 60 minutes. It is the same case even if you are installing it for the first time. Ensure also that you can install the truck cover by yourself. It helps a lot when you have to do it, and you can’t find anyone who can help you.


Besides being easy to install, a truck cover also has to be easy to maintain and clean. It is better to choose a cover that is easy to clean without any specific treatments. Some topper products require gentle handling when cleaning and maintaining to prevent damage. The easier the product to maintain and clean, the quicker to do the process. As a result, the truck is ready within a short time.

A specific online store, such as Gurney’s Automotive is ready with a variety of Leer truck toppers. You only have to pick the best one based on the tips above. Soon, you are ready to drive your truck and use the topper anytime you need it right away.

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