Why Your Tires Should Undergo Routine Checks

Routine checks are a necessity for every truck driver before embarking on a trip. It is of great importance that a professional truck driver does an overall inspection of his truck before putting it into use, so as to ensure every part of the truck is in good condition. The tires of a truck should be given particular attention as any issue that arises from faulty tires can cause accidents.

According to Texas based 18-wheeler accident attorney, a driver must ensure his tires are properly pumped and inflated as this will prevent accidents, increase the life span of the tires and also increase fuel efficiency.

When checking out truck tires, a driver should carry out tire pressure checks. This is done by using an air pressure gauge to check every tire and make sure that they are all up to the recommended pressure. If not, they should be pumped until they are up to recommendation.

As lorries drive around, tires lose pressure, so they should be checked regularly and pumped up to avoid them getting deflated and dangerous. Low pressure tires can lead to tire failure which can cause accidents on the road.

Aside from looking out for tire pressure, the exterior of the tire should be properly examined for cases of wear and tear, or any form of external damage. Bald spots and tapered thread depth as well as tearing on the side walls are things to look out for when examining a tire.

Under inflation and over inflation of tires

When tires are underinflated, they lose shape and cannot perform the way they are supposed to. A flattened tire would prove to be a problem for the driver and should be fixed immediately if it is spotted. Tires like this should not be ignored by a driver, because according to research, if a tire is underinflated at about six psi, it is already at risk of failing.

An overinflated tire is just as dangerous as an underinflated one because the pressure is too much, and tire becomes stiff and poses a problem for the driver.  Overinflated tire could easily burst when driven for too long or when it comes in contact with bumps. While caring for your tires, ensure you pay proper attention to wearing and tearing of the tire, as well as keeping a close eye on tire pressure. When your tire is in good condition, you are safe from accidents.

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