How to make your master bedroom feel instantly grander

Whether it is the surge in period television shows over recent years, or something utterly unrelated, we’re not sure. The only thing we can confirm is that a certain, grander style has risen in popularity when it comes to master bedrooms – and we all want a piece of the action.

Granted, not everyone will be following a path towards a four-poster bed. However, there are certain steps you can take to make your master room have that added element of prestige.

For example, let’s start with one of the easiest steps of all – the bed. Again, four-poster beds don’t have to be on the agenda here, you can achieve ‘prestige’ with something oh-so simpler and it comes in the form of bedding. There are all sorts of tips and tricks on how to achieve this, with the simplest being simply washing your bedding more often! There are of course some extra guides which show you how to make your bed in a hotel style and reap the grand rewards. Surprisingly, it’s not as hard as you might initially imagine.

Next, let’s talk about flowers. They are quite often reserved for the more common areas of the home, but this inspiration from Avas Flowers shows how it doesn’t have to always be like this. You can turn to this Avas Flowers page to see how effective carnations can be, while there is some further imagery on the Avas Flowers website. This is an easy, charming way to really make your master bedroom come to life.

Following on from the previous point, don’t forget the small touches. In the case of flowers, try to invest your way in a decent vase. This way, the effect can be ornament-like, and make a best of both worlds’ scenario.

Finally, we’re going to talk about making the most of what you have. If you happen to live in a new-build house, this might be somewhat difficult. The point here is to identify the focal points of your room and do everything in your power to exaggerate them. It might be a period window, which you decorate with glorious drapes, or it might be an artistic ceiling, which works alongside a shrewd lighting arrangement to dramatic effect.

While ‘grand’ and ‘prestigious’ are often associated with huge expense – it doesn’t have to always be like this. Hopefully, today’s guide has highlighted this, and shown how your master bedroom can look like something from the period television shows relatively easily.

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