How to Extend the Life of Your Starter Motor

The function of a starter motor is to ensure that your engine can run on its own. How does that work? Well, the battery in your car will send an electric current to the starter motor. Thus, it will jump into action. As soon as you put your key into ignition and turn it, you will have initiated the starter motor.

Previously, cars used to come equipped with hydraulic starter motors. But, with advancement in technology and leaps in the automotive industry, there are new electric starter motors.

All you need to do is properly maintain the electrical system of your car to ensure its long and durable life. Read below to find out more.

  1. Clean the connectors

The starter motor and the car battery are connected by specially designed connector wires. If there is any grime or dirt on the connectors, it will decrease its efficiency. Corrosion is also one of the reasons why the performance of the connectors is dampened. Hence, the electric current loses its strength and sends weak signals to the starter relay. It is therefore, necessary to keep the connectors clean at all times.

  1. Clean the solenoid

The solenoid is also known as the starter relay of your vehicle’s motor. It is the small, cylindrical object placed on the top of the motor. The starter solenoid and the battery are attached together by the positive battery cable.

It works just like a positive battery terminal. Therefore, the solenoid must be maintained and cleaned regularly. All corrosion, dirt, and debris must be cleaned as soon as you notice it.

The performance of the starter motor is dependent on the integrity of all the other components functioning in the electrical system. The tips above can help your follow the progress and health of your starter motor and ensure its long life.


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