Parties are no doubt the one of the best way to chill out and have fun. Whether it’s a bachelorette party, a tour of the vip birthday bash, the event can only be successful by making certain arrangements and planning before time. Logistics are the one of the most important item on the list which must never go wrong. The most important question you must be asking to your self is that how big of a party bus you will need. Toronto Limo Rentals have made a list of five items which you can consider before getting into any decision.

Make a rough list of guests
With the start of planning process of your event the best and most important thing you can do is to have a rough list of guests which will be attending your event. You must think of every single person who should be attending your party and must be with you at the time of celebrations. If you can have a perfect quantity of people as an estimate then you are really lucky that you have completed the main milestone.

Send the invitations
Even before the event has started you must consider sending the invitations to your friends and family before time so that you can easily point out the number of expected guests at your event. You can now easily make arrangements and bookings based upon the estimate you have got and remember that this is the most crucial part as you have to pay actual amount of money for per head arrival of guests. Make sure that you have enclosed all the important details such at time and venue in the invitation.

Count the VIPs
The vips are the most important guests of any function, you might need some other luxurious transport service for your vip guests, so you have to make sure that you have counted all the vips and also the list is not more than a certain number. Your vips list should be short and only most important guests must be added into that lists. You can also change the list names if you hear that someone is not coming or someone makes excuse to you directly.

Final Count
After all this practice and counting now you have to make a final list of your guests including vips so that you can get the final head count. By last week follow up calls texts and emails you will get a final number of confirmation of guests who are going to attend your event and will be with you in time. Also make sure that you have included yourself and family members as well.

Choosing the party bus
Now depending upon the list of guests and number of people attending you have to choose the size and luxuries of the bus for rent. You must also consider your pocket and budget for this purpose or you can end up paying a lot of money for no reason.

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