Effects of DUI and the Importance of Lawyering Up

Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents in Toledo today. And even though these accidents happen every other day, the cases of people drinking and driving don’t seem to go down. According to different studies, DUI only comes third after distracted driving and aggressive driving in the major causes of traffic accidents. It is also the most common criminal offense in the US.

In our pursuit to learn more about the effects of drunk driving, we talked to a DUI lawyer in Toledo who handles such cases regularly. According to the lawyer, DUI convictions have a significant impact, with some even lingering for years. Other than the fees, fines, court-mandated community service, high insurance premiums, participation in DUI education programs and jail time; some cases can result in long-term consequences as mentioned below:

Driver’s license revocation

Drivers who are caught drunk driving are at risk of having their driver’s license revoked – up to two years for the first conviction. Driving under the influence conviction not only keeps one from driving their vehicles for all those years, but it also comes with a ripple effect on other things. For instance, it can make one lose their position at work if their job involves driving. It also means one is restricted to public transport or depending on others to get around – which can be inconveniencing to say the least. Losing the freedom to drive is stressful as it becomes challenging getting around daily duties.

Criminal record

DUI is a criminal offense, so it will undoubtedly leave a mark on one’s record.  This can be terrible when one is looking for employment or is seeking for a better position at a new company because a majority of employers perform background checks on everyone before bringing them on board. Unfortunately, a misdemeanor or felony DUI conviction will reflect in a background check and may spoil any chance that the person has to secure the job. The record may also affect one’s chances of renting a place they desire since landlords too, perform background checks before leasing their property out.

Car insurance rates

After a DUI conviction, one’s car insurance rates will likely go up as the insurance companies will view them as “high-risk” drivers. This will translate to double or triple rates for several years. Some insurers may even end the coverage contact with a client who gets a DUI conviction.

Lawyering up

Driving under the influence is a criminal offense that is punishable by law. Getting a DUI lawyer is the best thing that one can do when stopped by a police officer, especially if there are aggravating factors. If a case is not a slam-dunk for the prosecution, one may have a chance for a plea bargain. DUI lawyers know how to negotiate with the prosecution. Courts in Toledo may reduce a DUI sentence when one pleads guilty. And if the DUI involves drugs (not alcohol), the lawyer may negotiate away random drug testing among other probation conditions

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