4 Tips to Get the Best Place to Carry Your Hellcat

Springfield Hellcat is small, which makes it popular as the first choice for protective firearms for daily activities. However, carrying it around in your pocket will give you many problems. It could fall, it is difficult to pull when you need it, and you can’t use your pocket to carry your stuff. For that reason, you need a Hellcat Holster. How can we get the best holster for this little beast? Here we have several tips for you.

Choose the Correct Material

Find the product that is made of polymer material. This material is lightweight, so it won’t make you uncomfortable. Furthermore, it also is very durable. It can survive various conditions. You also don’t have to worry about scratch and such, which mostly occur on the leather-type holster. Even if you pull out and put in your Hellcat thousands of times, it won’t cause any scratch on it.

Find the One with Ergonomic Lock System

A holster without a lock will only give you trouble, especially when you move around a lot. The lock system will keep the Hellcat inside the holster. However, what you need here is not only a lock system that can keep your pistol. You also need to find a product that has an easy and fast release system.

The best choice would be the one with the simple button press system. The button also must be located on the part of the holster that you can easily reach with your hand. So, when you press this trigger-release button, it will unlock the gun and you can draw it from the Hellcat Holster. Plus, if it also has an auto-lock feature, it also makes everything easier.

One more thing about the lock system is the sound. Make sure the holster also produces the sound when it locks the gun in it. It could be any sound, but the ‘click’ sound is the standard specification for a pistol holster. This sound will tell you that your gun is locked inside the holster. So, you can move without worries.

Adjustable Belt Paddle

A holster for Springfield Hellcat uses various types of paddles. It attaches the holster to your belt. To get more convenient usage, find the belt paddle part that you can easily adjust and modify. You can create the right angle that is suitable for your hand position. For maximum convenience, try to find a product with 360 degrees adjustable paddle. It gives you more freedom to set up the position.


Last but not least, find the product with reasonable prices. To get the best one, try to get it from the specialist store. It provides various types of the gun holster at the best price. Moreover, the quality of the product from this store is equal to its prices.


We hope the tips above give you enough reference to choose and find the best Hellcat Holster. With the best product, you also get all the advantages of it. But, more importantly, the holster will protect your gun from any problem when you carry it around.




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