4 Colored Wraps You Can Put on Your Car

Colored wraps that you can put on your car. Non-permanent, easy way to change the color or design of your vehicle. Here are the main types that you need to know.

One of the best ways to add a fresh touch to your vehicle is changing its color. However, having a fresh coat of paint is a permanent solution that most people are not comfortable with.

What if you want your car’s old color back? That’s a lot of money down the drain.

If you want to change the color of your vehicle in a less permanent manner, you should consider installing a colored wrap to transform your car. To get you started, we have made a paint protection film list for your convenience.

4 Types of Colored Wraps for Your Car

1. Glossy

If you are looking for a colored wrap that looks like a classic paint job the most, it’s hard to go wrong with a glossy wrap. With a glossy finish, your vehicle will look like it just had a fresh coat of paint at the fraction of the cost.

Glossy wraps are also very popular because they can be made practically in every color possible. You also have a wide range of options in terms of gloss finishes, from classic white gloss to hot rod red. This makes gloss vehicle wraps very versatile and easily customizable.

2. Matte

Matte is one of the more popular wrap film colors that’s trending. A matte 3M wrap film is designed to cut out all reflections to the vehicle which means that you won’t see any shine. This is the car wrapping of your choice if you are looking to pronounce your car’s body lines.

It’s a good way of adding subtlety and attitude to your vehicle.

There are many different types of matte wraps including matte metallic, matte charcoal metallic, and dark grey metallic.

3. Satin

Satin strikes a good balance between the reflective qualities of matte and gloss. Basically, satin is more glossy than matte but it’s not nearly as shiny as glossy. While you can see some shine on the colored wrap, the light is not completely reflected.

This provides an eye-catching contrast in the body lines of the vehicle.

When satin colored wraps were first introduced, the most popular colors were satin black, satin white, and satin hot red. These days, you’ll find satin variations like Apple Green, Glacial Frost, and White Aluminum.

4. Textured

Do you want to achieve the look of a luxury sports car without the cost? Then, you might want to consider getting a textured colored wrap. These are basically carbon fiber sheets that are designed to replicate the impact, texture and visual appearance of actual carbon fiber.

The wrap features an embossed finish which resembles real carbon fiber. It has excellent light reflection qualities and the highlights of the pattern change depending on the viewing angle.

This type of color change wrap is perfect for giving your vehicle a unique look.

Colored Wrap is the Way to Go

Whether you wish to change the color of your car or install some dramatic designs, a color change car wrap is your best bet. However, you have to make sure that you are dealing with a reliable wrap service in Southern California to ensure that the wrapping job is done properly.

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