The Top Things New Car Drivers Should Remember

Whether you are getting ready for a drivers test or you have just received your driver’s license, there’s a lot of things to be keeping in mind. Of course there are the rules of the road that you’ve heard in the few driver’s training classes you’ve taken, but those only scratch the surface.

Below we share some more things to be mindful that are worth repeating and things that weren’t said yet. Remember, the more that you know the more you’ll be safer in terms of getting behind the wheel.

Know Your Vehicle

This may not be something that was said in driver’s class but it’s important to be aware of your vehicle. Specifically you want to be familiar with where all the controls are. Know where the signal lights are, whether you are driving stick or not, as well as all the other symbols that are on the dashboard. You want to be sure that the basics are all covered and are working. After all, the last thing that you want is to be driving at night with broken headlights.

Always Have A Map

With advancement of technology a lot of people have become less and less reliant on maps. With a GPS system and even our own phones having maps it’s hard to see a reason to have them. Even with those, it’s still key to have a map handy as technology can always fail us. What if the GPS system you have malfunctions and your phone is almost dead and you don’t have a charger let alone ports to charge your phone? Having a map can be helpful in those events until you get back to familiar roads.

Have A Safety Kit

This is an item that should be in every car. You never know when your car is going to be break down or that you’ll get in an accident. Especially if you are driving along a road that’s not travelled often, you may find yourself having to wait for help for a few hours. In those cases having a safety kit is incredibly helpful. Items that should be in this safety kit are things like flashlights, batteries, road flares, jumper cables, tire iron, spare tire, oil, windshield washer fluid, coolant, and more. During winter time it’s also advised to have kitty litter, a tin can and some candles. The kitty litter helps in getting traction if you get stuck in snow and the tin can and candles helps in melting snow.

Have a No Cell Phone Use When Driving Policy

We use our phones a lot and it’s becoming a more increasing problem. Aside from the fact that there are fines you’ll be charged for calling or texting while driving, it also puts you and everyone else in danger.

When on a cellphone, your concentration is divided and as much as a lot of think we’re great at multi-tasking, we’re really not. As such, make it a policy to not call or text anyone while driving. If it’s urgent, stop driving and move to the side of the road to answer.


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