The Best iPhone Car Mounts For 2022

There are many reasons why an iPhone car mount is a must-have accessory for any driver. Its sleek design makes it easy to attach to your windshield or dash, and it also has a powerful suction base for an easy and secure attachment. It also has a magnetized base to secure your phone and requires a protective sticker to keep it from falling off. You can use the mount for portrait or landscape mode and it pivots to suit any viewing angle.

iOttie iTap Magnetic 2

The iOttie i-Tap Magnetic is the magnetic mounting solution designed to securely hold your iPhone in any car slot. Its compact design is perfect for any vehicle. The two magnets provide a solid hold for all smartphone combinations. Its convenient design and easy installation make it a great choice for both drivers and passengers. And the best part is that you won’t need to worry about losing your phone in the car again – you can use it to charge your smartphone anywhere you want!

The iTap Magnetic 2 iPhone car stand is great for long commutes. The car mount puts the phone at eye level, allowing you to see it easily and operate the navigation features on Android Auto. You can easily glance at the screen to check your incoming messages and use other features like Android Auto. This car mount is also easy to install and remove. To install it, simply remove the packaging and insert your phone.

While you may be tempted to spend more money on an iPad or iPhone case, it’s definitely worth it to save money. The iOttie iTap Magnetic 2 iPhone car mount features ultra-strong magnets that securely hold your smartphone to the dashboard or windshield. It’s lightweight and won’t be noticeable in your car’s dashboard.

Moshi’s SnapTo Universal Car Mount with Wireless Charging

Moshi’s SnapTo Universal Car Mount supports fast wireless charging and multiple mounting options for your smartphone. It is also compatible with energy-intensive apps like Spotify and Apple Music. It supports multiple types of mounting, including magnetic, snap, and magnetic-lock. The Moshi SnapTo Universal Car Mount is compatible with all major mobile devices. It can also be used to charge other energy-hungry devices.

The SnapTo Universal Car Mount supports Qi-certified fast charging up to 10 W, and features strong magnets to keep your phone in view. This mount is certified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) to ensure quality and reliability. The phone mount is compatible with Apple’s fast-charging protocols, and is perfectly aligned with your device for maximum wireless charging efficiency. And with one hand, you can mount your phone with ease.

The SnapTo has a flexible metal ball joint that can rotate up to 90 degrees. It can also be adjusted in two different positions: portrait and landscape. Its slim design allows for ease of use. And the SnapTo also features a wireless charging pad for compatible smartphones. Moreover, this car mount also includes a USB-C to USB-A cable. This means that you can charge your phone without any hassle.

Humixx HaloLock

The Humixx HaloLock iPhone car holder cradles your phone in a perched position for easy viewing. Its magnetic hold holds firmly and the device charges wirelessly. This versatile mount is compatible with most modern smartphones and comes with a two-step locking mechanism to keep your phone safe. It is a great choice for vehicles with an air vent. The Humixx HaloLock iPhone car holder is designed to fit the 2022 model and is priced at $69. This mount will fit your iPhone 13 Pro Max and will stay securely in place for several hours.

The MagSafe mount allows you to place your phone either vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference. This mount also offers swivel capabilities, which lets you watch videos or listen to music while driving. The ESR HaloLock car mount for 2022 features a round magnet and a non-slip silicone ring to hold your phone securely. It also features intelligent heat management for safe, fast charging.

The HaloLock iPhone car mount is made from aviation-grade materials, which make them resistant to corrosion. It also uses vent clips to securely mount your phone. Its mechanical lock design ensures it doesn’t come off even if you take a sharp curve. Its non-slip rubber pad and 360-degree swivel head allow you to easily rotate your phone around the car without fear of falling.

Strike iPhone Car Mount

While there are a few drawbacks, overall, the Strike car mount is a great option for iPhone users. It’s easy to install and use, and it doesn’t block your view while you’re driving. Plus, the price is unbeatable. If you’re looking for a safe, affordable way to use your iPhone in the car, the Strike Wireless Charging Magnetic iPhone Car Holder is definitely worth considering.

Beam Electronics X-Grip

Beam Electronics X-Grip is a popular mount for mounting iPhones in cars. It features metal parts and solid construction. It can be used horizontally or vertically, and can rotate to the desired location. The unit comes with over 900 ratings on Amazon. Customers are generally impressed with how well it attaches to the vent, and the grip strength is much stronger than other similar mounts. While it may not be worth the price for a casual driver, it does offer a lot of flexibility.

X-Grip is compatible with 2022 model vehicles and adds only a few millimeters to the thickness of your iPhone. If you have a thick case, you might have to adjust the clasp to fit it. However, this mount offers great flexibility. It also has an 8-inch long arm, so you can mount your device closer to the windshield without affecting the view.

The X-Grip iPhone car mount from Beam Electronics has many benefits over other products. It eliminates many of the unsightly features that most car mounts have. It is compatible with all smartphone models, including GPS devices. Its 12-month warranty is an added bonus. You can’t beat that! You’ll find the perfect mount for your iPhone with Beam Electronics X-Grip iPhone car mount for 2022

RAM Mounts X-Grip

RAM Mounts X-Grip iPhone cradles for vehicles will keep your device securely attached to the dashboard. Whether you’re driving a luxury sedan or a compact sedan, these car mounts are perfect for the daily commute. They come in different sizes, including a large, medium, or small. RAM’s mounting systems are made in the US and feature a lifetime warranty.

The RAM X-Grip iPhone car mount is one of the top-rated phone cradles on the market. This universal design provides a secure hold in almost any environment. Its cradle is made of stainless steel and high-strength composite materials. Its ball and socket technology enables near-infinite adjustability and extends the life of your device.

The RAM X-Grip iPhone car mounts are a popular choice among motorcyclists and scooter riders. They offer a sleek design and many attachments for maximum convenience. This phone mount is also easy to read and fits in tight spaces. It fits into windscreens, mirrors, and instrument clusters, and also leaves more space than the competition. The X-Grip is also compatible with a variety of different devices, allowing you to customize its appearance.

The RAM Mounts X-Grip iPhone cradle is a durable and convenient solution for securing your phone in a car’s air vent. It is compatible with most air vent styles, weighs just over two ounces, and installs in seconds. One of the most important factors is that it works with your phone model. If you use a wallet case to protect your phone, the RAM Mounts X-Grip iPhone cradle will not work. You can purchase RAM Mounts from RAM, on Amazon and from Campad Electronics.


There are numerous iPhone car mounts to choose from, but the WizGear Swift-Snap is perhaps the best buy. This magnetic device easily adheres to the dashboard or window using a silica gel suction cup. Although it doesn’t offer unlimited viewing angles, it does allow you to tilt and rotate your phone as needed. It also features a 360-degree rotation and adjustable arm.

A good quality magnetic car mount is important for the stability of your device. Magnetic mounts are secure and reliable. Magnetic holder is extremely powerful and produces strong attraction. WizGear iPhone car mounts for 2022 offer you solid holding power. You can rest assured that your smartphone will stay in place for as long as you’re driving, regardless of the angle. Its unique design ensures a firm grip on your phone.

Another good option is the windshield mount. This mount attaches with a suction cup to the windshield. It has an extendable arm to enhance visibility of the phone while driving. The extended arm helps keep the phone steady, even when the car is in a shaky terrain. And the best part? These mounts come with a wireless charger that guarantees good battery life. They’re available at many online retailers, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Another good option is the Peak Design magnetic car mount. Made from anodized aluminum, it grips onto the dashboard. You can buy a charging set for $80 that includes a car adapter and a USB cable. The Mount securely holds an iPhone 12 or 13 in place. It also acts as a Qi wireless charger. However, you’ll need to bring a cord or USB charger with you, since some cars don’t have USB ports.


In conclusion, the best way to use your iPhone in the car is with a quality car mount. With its easy installation and sturdy grip, a quality car mount is the perfect way to keep your phone within reach while you’re on the road. Plus, its sleek design means it won’t take up too much space in your car. So if you’re looking for a safe and convenient way to use your iPhone in the car, the Strike car mount is the perfect solution.

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