4 Steps to Clean Your Car More Quickly than Usual

If you see your car look dirty and dusty, of course, cleaning it is something that comes to your mind. But what if you need to use it only a few hours later? Is it enough to deeply clean it yourself or bring it to the car wash?

Actually, you should not worry about it that much. It is possible to clean or even wash your car more quickly than you do usually. Of course, it is as long as you know the techniques for cleaning automotive devices as they are shown in some steps as follows. The tips are for big or small cars anyway. For big cars, you may need a little more time.

Wet the Car with Clean Water

To start it all, you need to wet the car with clean water. If you usually directly wash it by spraying a big water shower, don’t do that. It just makes the water sprinkles anywhere and wets unnecessary parts or areas. So, slow down the stream from the faucet and shower it thoroughly to the entire body of the car. If there is dirt that is very difficult to remove, you can fasten the stream of the water. In addition, avoid pouring the water frontally, do it sideways.

Make Soap Water

Next, you need to make soap water in a bucket. You can do it even before wetting the car to make the process even faster. Using liquid soap that is indeed intended to clean vehicles. Soak the rug into the water and squeeze it. Rub the entire car body gently using the rug. If there is a dirty part even after the first water shower, make sure to rub it harder to remove it. Rubbing the car is more effective from the upper to the lower part. It is better to do it to your car entirely so that you don’t need to repeat it later.

Rinse the Car

After rubbing the car entirely, the next thing to do is to rinse the car using the next water shower. The technique is just the same as the first shower. The stream should not be too big but also not be too small. While rinsing it, you can also rub it again with a dry rug.

Dry the Car

The last step is drying the car. Use another dry rug to do so. To fasten the process, you can use a fan or dry it outdoor. But make sure to be careful and try to rub the car immediately since if you don’t, it may cause a stain on the water. For more information and tips, you can check Zuving.com.

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