Three ways to keep your RV cool in the hot summer

Enjoy the warm summer days no matter the temperature outside by keeping your RV cool. There’s no better time to hit the open road than during the summer; don’t let the weather prevent you from crossing items off your summer bucket list.

Air conditioning in your recreational vehicle is a convenient option, but it is also one of the biggest consumers of power. Unlike a traditional house, an RV serves as both a mobile dwelling and a means of transportation, so it is essential to be kept as cool as possible at all times.

Here RV CAMP GEAR is sharing with you a few suggestions:

·        Cook Outside of your RV:

Not everyone has the option, but it’s best to avoid eating in your RV if possible. When you cook inside the RV, you’ll generate a lot of extra heat and make the interior hotter than it has to be. If the weather permits, you can make just as delicious food on the grill as you would inside your home without turning up the thermostat.

·        Park in the shade:

Park your RV in a shady area if at all possible. When possible, park under the shade of a building, such as a store or a restaurant, especially during the hottest parts of the day.

Adding a shaded room to your RV is a great way to keep the interior cool and give yourself more room to relax. You may purchase various accessories to affix to your tent, turning it into a fully functional room.

·        Protect your windows:

When summertime arrives, the sun is directly overhead, like any skylight. To prevent heat due to sun radiation, use insulating coverings. The RV will stay cooler as a result, even on the hottest of days.

Insulated window coverings are not simply a wintertime lifesaver; they also keep out the scorching summer sun. Glass is a poor insulator and will allow heat to pass through it. Screens or insulated window covers should be used to block the sun from entering any windows, especially large ones like windshields and picture windows.

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