Jeffrey Breault Talks About the Major Types of Car Racing

Jeffrey Breault, like many other Americans, has always had a great love for automotive racing.  In the United States, people tend to be incredible passionate about diverse types of sports, including basketball, hockey and car racing.  Jeff Breault is especially fond of car racing, and strives to follows the competitions held in this domain across the world. NASCAR and Global Rallycross (GRC) are essentially renowned to be the most popular car racing activities among the Americans.

Jeffrey Breault gives a general idea about the diverse types of car racing

Auto racing basically is a type of motor-sport that tends to involve the racing of automobiles for the purpose of competition.  Car races of diverse types have been noted to be organized as early as the year of 1867. Jeffrey Breault underlines that in the contemporary world several types of car cares are held across the globe, each of its having its distant set of an audience.  Here are some of the major types of car racing activities conducted around the world:

  • Open-wheel: This tracing activity is considered to be one of the most high profile motor series of the world. Indycar and Formula One (F1) come under this type of a car race. As suggested by its name, open-wheel racing tends to involve vehicles that have exposed wheels. While at the first glance the cars competing in IndyCar and FI can look a bit similar, they essentially are governed by distinguished set of rules and compete on diverse tracks. F1 and Indy also differ quite a bit when it comes to aerodynamics, budget, fuel, braking and top speed. In addition to this, IndyCar is largely based in the U.S, while F1 is a global series.
  • Sports car: After the open-wheel races, sports car racing is regarded to be the globally popular type of professional motorsport. From 2.5 hours to even 24 hours long races of this type are held. the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Nurburgring, and Daytona test are some of the prominent long standing competition of this type that are designed to test the skill of the drivers, durability of the cars, speed of the pit crews, as well as ingenuity of the engineers. In this type of race, a good strategy is necessary apart from being incredibly fast.  Majority of performance automobile manufactures typically try to compete at the Grand Touring or GT level.
  • Stock car: NASCAR, one of the most popular forms of stock car racing, has essentially been the most favored forms of motor racing in America since the year 1948.  The oval layout of the NASCAR might not be as thrilling as road racing at the first glance, but witnessing a race of a cluster of going at a 200 mph for up to 500 miles can be really important.

Jeffrey Breault himself has also participated in a number of car races over the years.  Hence, he has an extensive knowledge about amount the domain of racing.


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