Things that Make Shipping Car to Hawaii by Using A Shipping Company Simpler

Shipping car to Hawaii is much simpler if you take a vehicle shipping service. This service offers a variety of packages that you need to transfer the vehicle to Hawaii on time and safely. Take a look at the packages you can use if you are using a vehicle shipping service to transfer a car from or to Hawaii below.

Door To Port 

You may want to enjoy a different sensation after receiving the car in Hawaii. If it is so, you can take a door to port service. A driver from the shipping company will pick up your vehicle at home or office. Then, they will continue the process to transfer the car to the port in Hawaii.

The staff will call you to give information that the car is in the port and ready to take. You have to go to the west coast port, finish the requirements, and drive the car home in Hawaii. It is also a good option if you need to use the car right away.

Port to Door 

Unlike the door to port service, port to door service is for car owners who don’t have time to go to the west coast port and take the car. As a result, they ask the service to deliver the car directly to their front door of the house or office.

The driver will take the car from the first location. Then, they drive it to the port. The company helps to pass all the requirements for shipping car to Hawaii. A driver in Hawaii will drive the car directly to your address once it arrives. You only have to wait at home or office and the car will come to you safely.

Port To Port

You may still use the car until the last day before delivering it to Hawaii. If it is so, you can use the port to port service. Drive and drop the car at the nearest port location. The process is simpler for those who stay near the west coast of California or Washington States. Then, the vehicle shipping company delivers the car to the port in Hawaii. Pick your car in the port in Hawaii and complete all the requirements. That’s it! You are ready to bring the car home and drive it in Hawaii.

Things You Can Do Before and While Using The Shipping Service 

Make sure that your car is clean from any items. The vehicle shipping company can only transfer the car and not the items inside it. The rule is based on Federal and Maritime Laws. A team will inspect the car first before passing the next step. It is to verify that there are no personal items inside the car. It is okay if there is a spare tire, jack, and one first aid kit inside the car.

You can also track your vehicle shipment once they approve it. Car owners will always know the position of the car. The shipping company even helps you by offering an online car shipment tracking tool. It helps to monitor the vehicle in real-time.

So, Shipping car to Hawaii is simple nowadays. A specific shipping company, such as Car Shipping Hawaii can help you to do the process safely and on time.


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