How to Choose Best Duramax Head Studs

Are you planning to change your Duramax Head studs? That’s a normal thing to do. When you use your vehicle a lot, there will be a time when its head studs are damaged. If that happens, it can affect your vehicle performance. So, changing it with a new component will keep your Duramax running at its best performance. So, here is the most important question. How to choose the best head studs for your Duramax?

Buy the Head Stud Kit for Duramax 

Choose the special head stud kit for Duramax. The kit will give you everything that you need to install the new head stud to replace your old one. It includes the tool to do that. Moreover, it consists of many extra parts of the head stud, which allows you to have enough supply for your car. So, whenever you need it in the future, you won’t have any problem finding and getting it.

Choose the Right Material

You will find different types of head stud made of various materials for your Duramax. However, if we want to get the head stud with the best durability, choose the stainless alloy. This material has 280,000 psi tensile pressure strength, which is the highest durability you can find for Duramax head studs. However, this product is quite expensive. So, you might need to prepare enough budgets to buy it.

The alternative and the cheaper product is the head studs made of chrome-moly steel alloy. This product can survive in various situations and extreme conditions. Moreover, according to the research, this material also can survive the pressure up to 220,000 psi, which is pretty strong for your head stud. It is enough to replace the stainless alloy material.

Consider the Size and Torque

Another thing you also need to consider is the size of the head studs and the torque specification. Make sure you match it with your Duramax torque capability. Otherwise, the head studs won’t be able to properly work. In the worst case, the head stud can break during usage, which can cause a dangerous accident when you drive at high speed. Usually, you need to do the torquing process on the head stud to see whether it matches your car or not. It is difficult to do it yourself. So, you can ask for help from a professional mechanist.

Brand and Prices

Lastly, choose the head studs products from top and reliable brands. Mostly, the top brand will give you the best product that you can use on your vehicle. Moreover, if you can get the head studs from the official source, you can avoid many problems in the future. But, we never said that an aftermarket product is not the best choice. You can even find many aftermarket products that have better performance and quality than OEM. So, make sure you research and compare the product to get the best product and prices.

That’s everything that you need to know about Duramax Head studs. We hope you can choose the best product for replacing your old Duramax head stud with the new one that improves your vehicle performance.


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