How has Coronavirus changed the way business class passengers fly?

Few industries have been as heavily impacted by the brand new Coronavirus as the travel industry. Among all the delays, changes in regulations, and travel bans, many have sworn off traveling entirely for the time being. However, for many people, the show must go on – deals must be made, agreements brokered, and many more things that are vital to an already stagnating economy. That is why we have decided to summarize the short and long-term changes put in place by business class airlines, many of which might outlast the pandemic entirely.

Unique offers to sweeten the deal

As various airline companies seek to recoup losses and get going as soon as possible, exclusive deals are cut to the benefit of business customers, representing one of the last bastions of regular travel. You can already see some inklings of it, but what is certain is that once more borders reopen, business class deals will be at the forefront of all airline companies’ pages. Special packages, flight bonuses, and added-value deals are all on the horizon for business class passengers. It is predicted that traveling is going to shift to more of an experience and less of a commute.

Extra safety measures

For many, flying during the Coronavirus pandemic still seems like a risky activity. That is why most airline companies focus on providing the safest environment possible. Already, with the help of dry cabin air and hospital-grade air filters, business class flights provide a safer experience than going out to eat or visiting your local religious center. Contactless travel solutions are implemented in airports across the world and many flights are running at half-capacity, allowing for safe social distancing methods to be put in place. Additionally, many airlines offer flights exclusively with the middle seat empty, lowering the risk of contracting the virus by half.

A private experience

First-class travel will feel more personal and private than ever, thanks to the focus on social distancing. Privacy and personal space are the keywords here, as first-class options continue to innovate and focus on creating a feeling of comfort and seclusion, thanks to the design and architecture of the aircraft. Now that it is no longer a luxury, personal space is at the forefront of the design of premium travel options. Not only do single-seat options allow you the comfort of having your own space, but you can also avoid being seated next to a stranger, reducing the chance of infection even further.

Flight agents take the center stage

One of the most shining examples of the usefulness of flight agents during the coronavirus was the way they helped during the initial wave of restrictions, delivering people back to their homes amidst the chaos. Navigating airlines cutting off flights entirely, various refund policies, and legal requirements are just a few of the benefits. Offering rapid testing measures, finding new routes amidst travel bans, and finding the right series of flights, by balancing distance and comfort will help simplify your life.

Distinguished assistance

While flight agents are incredibly useful, business class travel agents are in a different class altogether. You are free to enjoy your flight, even in the event of difficulties – everything is professionally handled by someone else, either ahead of time, or live. Higher class flight agents will help provide you with an excellent experience, finding you flexible tickets, pre-packaged with free cancellations, business-class travel insurance, and more. Find the perfect option for your personal and professional needs, as everything gets considered.

As you can see, the largest shifts involve creating a more comfortable, safe, and reliable experience across the board. Amidst uncertainty, only excellence and reliability can prevail.


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