Applying for a Registration Certificate Online

Are you already busy enough with your work that you do not have time to go and wait in the registration office to apply for your registration certificate? If yes, you can rely on This service will have the work done for you. Note that this service is available only for those who live in Germany.

About Meldebescheinigung Beantragen

If you need a simple way to apply for a registration certificate, you can do it online with the help of Meldebescheinigung Beantragen. They provide a service that helps you to apply for a registration certificate online from €17.90, including VAT and plus fees from the residents’ registration office. You can do so quickly and conveniently from home without having to contact the authorities.

Save yourself the hassle of contacting and communicating with various authorities and going to the office. Your registration certificate will be issued directly by the authority and sent to your address. Note that this service is not a government organization. As it is said before, it requires a very simple way to apply for a registration certificate with Meldebescheinigung Beantragen.

All you need to do is to submit your application by ordering the application service for the registration certificate online. Then, you just need to wait until you receive your registration certificate. It will be sent directly to your home address right after it has been issued by the authority.


∙         Who Can Apply for a Registration Certificate?

All persons who are registered in Germany according to 18 BMG can apply for a registration certificate.

∙         How is the Application Made?

In the first step, the data is entered online in the form on their website. After you have placed your order, a corresponding completed application will be created with the help of their application service after entering your data, which they will send together with your ID copies to the registration authority responsible for you. And the registration certificate will be sent to your home address.

∙         How Long Does the Process Take?

It will usually take between 3 days to 21 days for the registration office to send your certificate.

∙         Is the Data Safe When Applying Online?

The data you enter online for the application for the registration certificate is encrypted and thus transmitted securely. In the data protection notification, you will find further information on which data is entered, processed, and passed on for the application. Your data will be automatically deleted after 90 days.

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