Tips for Choosing a Starter Motor

There is a starting system in every vehicle, whether it is an older model or a modern one. The starter motor is at the heart of the starting system and it is an essential device because its malfunction or absence means that your car won’t move. With this device, your motor vehicle will always start when you need it to. When you have to replace your car’s starter motor, there are a few tips that can help you make the right choice and these are mentioned below:

  • Starter motor number

The number of the new starter motor needs to be the same as the old one. This can eliminate compatibility issues, such as power requirements, mounting style and more. You can usually find the number written on the body, but the exact location is different for every make and model.

  • Torque

This defines the ability of the starter motor to spin an engine. When you have to choose a starter motor model to purchase, make sure it has enough torque to support your engine. The motor shouldn’t heat during the starting process, which could lead to problems.

The voltage requireme

  • Voltage requirements

nts of starter motors tend to vary. The level of voltage usually determines the torque that the motor will achieve. It should be the same as the engine’s compression level.

  • Weight and size

Starter motors are usually made to be lightweight and compact. These can be easy to fit and can reduce the overall weight as well. However, you should never compromise the power for a reduced size and weight. Make sure the starter motor you get is capable of cranking up your type of engine or higher for it to serve its purpose.

Consider these tips to select a good starter motor for your vehicle.

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